All You Need to Know about Structural Drying


It is obvious that picking up the pieces after a flood becomes a greater deal for you, me, and most of us. Thank goodness there are numerous restoration companies ever-ready to serve you with the best way possible. Refined techniques of modern restoration companies would take you back to where you belong- a normal life. Structural Drying, by far, is the most effective and refined technique.

Smoke and Soot Removal- Why It Needs to Be Done Immediately


You know how harmful and dangerous fire hazards can get. BUT do you know that the aftermaths of fire can be as dangerous as the ongoing fire disasters? Yes, there are loads of hidden risks that continue to exist with the ongoing fire, and even after the fires have settled. We people usually treat smoke and soot as normal by-products of the fire accident. This, in fact, shouldn’t be the case as soot removal is the first and foremost thing to do after the fire has taken place.

Wet Carpet- Don’t Let It Be Your Worst Nightmare


Drying wet carpet can be a headache if you are not well known about some easy cleaning tips and tricks. The instructions mentioned here can be aspirin to your headache. Wet carpet cleaning could be easier than you expected, especially by implementing simple ideas in an accurate and effective way. Some of those basic ideas are well explained here.

All about Fire Escape and Prevention


Let’s be honest. The thought of flames engulfing your home, belongings, family, or yourself are unnerving. Fire and disasters caused by it occur more often than you and I realize. Moreover, they are inevitable. In 2013, in every 85 seconds in the USA, one home structure fire was reported. That did result in more than 487,000 structure fires, by the end of the year.

So, just to make you aware and let you know more about fire, its prevention, and protection equipment, I present to you this blog. Hope it would be helpful to prevent damages, and influence you to call restoration companies, if required.

Answers to Your Restoration Whys and Hows


Calamities come in distinctive forms to make your life miserable. They are unavoidable and unpredictable. It is a must to restore your property after the harm has been caused. Water and fire can cause damages that have aftermaths, like a chain reaction. For example, basement flooding can cause a lot of harm to your basement. Further, it results in mold growth and the sequence continues.  Homeowners should try to tackle the damage and restore their property at the earliest opportunity.

My Basement Flooded – What Do I Do?


A flooded basement is one of the biggest nightmares for any homeowner. Not only it is inconvenient, it is also expensive as well as highly dangerous. Strictly Cleaning and Restoration brings you a comprehensive guide on basement flood clean up. If you are asking yourself why basements flood, you have come to the right place, as we have also included information about basement flooding causes.


Flood Cleanup – What To Do When Your Basement Floods